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Small Cock Asian Guy Humiliated

Office employees Kate and Kaicee catch their male co-worker reading about penis enlargement products. He insists that he does this research for a friend but then Kate finds a note with a phone number for some penis pills written on it. They promise not to tell about this incident to the rest of the girls in the department if he will show them his dick. They also promise not to laugh at him. He drops his pants and there is a silence for a moment after which both girls burst out laughing at his small package almost simultaneously. None of them have seen a cock small like this before…

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Small Cock Humiliated

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Small Cock Humiliation

Ordinary guys with small cocks get humiliated by groups of naughty chicks. You will not see male pornstars with 12″ monster dicks at Hey Little Dick. Instead, it is full of average Joes who has penises below regular seven 7″ and who get insulted by hot chicks just like in real life. Female models are professional porn actresses who play for Pure Cfnm and other sites where they get to see and enjoy plenty of massive cocks. So, when given a chance to inspect normal guys with small penises they get surprised. They bust into laughting, start calling little cocks different names and poking them…

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Photographer With Tiny Cock Humiliated

Ron is taking photos of three gorgeous women. He encourages them by saying that he wants the viewer to get as hard while watching pictures of these sexy models as he is now. The girls look at his groin and see nothing impressive down there, which makes them suspicious about his words. So they ask him to show them how hard he really is. Thinking that he is going to impress the girls with his cock Ron gets stunned when all girls start to laugh at his tiny penis

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Tiny Cock Humiliated

Models have fun at their photographer’s tiny package -

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Little Cock Crook Busted Stealing

Lucy and Valentina arrive home earlier than expected and spot a burglar inside the house. They catch him and ring the police. Officer Wendy arrives on call and starts to check the suspect for weapons but finds nothing dangerous, even between his trousers, which surprises her. Then she decides to undertake investigation right there in front of two house owners. When Wendy pulls thief’s pants down both females start giggling and giving looks to each other. None of them have seen a cock this small before…

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Little Cock

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Birthday Humiliation For Small Cock Guy

Best friend hires three strippers for Graham’s birthday who not only do striptease but give handjobs too. Little did he know, that this would embarrass the shy guy and lower his self-esteem even more. Girls start the show, the best friend reveals his good-sized dick when Graham gets a bit hesitant about the whole idea. The reason for that becomes obvious as he drops his pants down to unleash his one incher which causes laughter from all the girls…

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Small Cock Guy

Birthday guy laughed at for his small cock -

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Small Cock Black Guy Humiliated

Disturbed by noise coming form next door Emma and Krystal come to visit their neighbor Jon. They soon discover the reason for all this banging going on which is decoration Jon doing in his apartment. Both girls express concerns about it and Jon gets cheeky in return. That’s when Krystal notices how small his hands are and suggests that his cock might be that small too. To prove girls wrong Jon flips out his member thinking he is going to impress the two, but instead getting humiliated for his tiny size

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Black Guy Humiliated

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Tiny Cock In Bed Bath

Two hot female nurses Paige and Alyssha are giving a bed bath to 21 years old male patient in the hospital. As they start to sponge him down they notice how small his bulge is. Paige asks if it is cold for him in the room and she should close the window. But the boy having no idea what she means replies that it is ok for him. Curious girls then decide to investigate and look into his shorts. What they find inside strikes the both as none of them seen a cock this tiny on a fully developed guy…

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Tiny Cock

Male patient with tiny dick washed in bed -

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Small Package Guy Get Humiliated

Laura orders a huge vibrator online as she is used to her boyfriend’s big cock so the toy could keep her satisfied while he is away. However, her package is late and when it arrives there is a different dildo inside, which is not as big as she wanted. So she asks the driver to fix the problem on which he suggests that his package might be exactly what she wants. Both girls start to giggle but decide to go ahead and see what he’s packing down his leather pants. They strip him naked and find a tiny excuse for a penis, which doesn’t get bigger even when they start wanking it…

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Small Package

Small package as a reason for humiliation -

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Santa’s Little Sack Gets Sucked

Laura is at her friends’ place for Christmas celebration where her girlfriend Kaicee complains to her about what a small package her boyfriend Duncan gave her for present. Laura insists on seeing it. So when Duncan walks into the room dressed as Santa, Kaicee drops his trousers so Laura could watch it for herself. “You’ve got no penis at all” says Laura. Only two fingers required to stroke his cock, which grows from one inches to a whooping size of three. It makes Laura laugh even harder. She is amazed but even more amusements comes when he ejaculates just a few drops of cum in front of him…

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Santa Gets Sucked

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